Introduction to Robotics:

Robotics is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots. A robot is a machine that is capable of performing a variety of tasks autonomously, with or without human intervention. Robotics is a rapidly growing field, with applications in manufacturing, healthcare, education, entertainment, and more.

One of the leading institutions offering robotics education in India is the De Vinci School of Design and Architecture. The school provides a range of courses in robotics, from basic to advanced levels, to help students gain a deep understanding of the field.

Why Robotics?

The use of robotics is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, with robots being used in a variety of industries to perform tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for humans. Some of the benefits of robotics include:

  1. Increased efficiency: Robots can perform repetitive tasks quickly and accurately, reducing the time and effort required to complete them.
  2. Improved safety: Robots can be used to perform tasks that are too dangerous for humans, such as working in hazardous environments or handling hazardous materials.
  3. Enhanced precision: Robots are capable of performing tasks with a high degree of precision, making them ideal for tasks that require a high level of accuracy.
  4. Cost savings: By using robots to perform tasks, companies can save on labor costs and increase productivity, leading to improved profitability.


To enroll in the robotics courses offered by the De Vinci School of Design and Architecture, applicants must have a background in engineering or a related field. A Bachelor’s degree in engineering is preferred, but applicants with a Diploma or equivalent qualification may also be considered.

In addition to the educational requirements, applicants must have a strong interest in robotics and a willingness to learn. Good communication skills and the ability to work well in a team are also essential.

How to apply:

To apply for the Roboticst program offered by De Vinci Higher Education, follow these steps:

Here are the steps to apply for the Robotics program offered by De Vinci Higher Education:

  1. Visit the official website of HERE AND NOW ( or contact Mr. Vinodkanna Jothimani, CIO of HERE AND NOW, through his mobile number +91 98410 520 70 or email
  1. Express your interest in pursuing a Robotics degree.
  1. Apply with transcripts, resume, personal statement; attach required docs for consideration.
  1. Submit your application and wait for a response from the admissions team at De Vinci Higher Education.
  1. We will invite you to an interview if we find your application successful.
  1. Attend the interview and complete any additional requirements.
  1. Receive your acceptance letter and enroll in the Roboticst program.

Contact details:

For more information on the robotics courses offered by the De Vinci School of Design and Architecture, please contact:

Vinodkanna Jothimani CIO, HERE AND NOW Mobile Number: +91 98410 520 70 Email:

Alternatively, visit the De Vinci School of Design and Architecture website for more information on the courses offered and the admissions process.