Information Technology and Applied Systems

"Explore the world of Information Technology and Applied Systems, where innovation and technology intersect to solve complex problems."

Introduction to Information Technology and Applied Systems at Vancouver Island University:

Vancouver Island University (VIU) offers various programs that equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the digital era. The programs cover a wide range of topics, including programming, database management, and network security. The courses are designed to provide students with a theoretical foundation and practical experience to prepare them for careers in the IT industry.

Why Information Technology and Applied Systems:

Information technology has become an essential part of every industry, from healthcare to finance to retail. Organizations are increasingly relying on technology to improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and streamline business processes. As a result, there is a growing demand for IT professionals who can design, develop, and maintain these systems.

Studying IT can lead to careers like web development, cybersecurity, project management, and entrepreneurship, or working for non-profits.


VIU offers various programs, including certificates, diplomas, and degrees, that have different eligibility criteria. For instance, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program requires applicants to have completed high school or equivalent education and meet the university’s English language proficiency requirements.

The university also offers a range of certificate programs that cater to individuals with different levels of IT expertise, from beginners to advanced learners. These certificate programs may have specific admission requirements, such as prior programming knowledge or work experience.

How to apply:

To apply for the program offered by Vancouver island university, follow these steps:

Here are the steps to apply for the program offered by Vancouver island university:

Visit the official website of HERE AND NOW, through his mobile number +91 98410 520 70 or email

  1. Visit the official website of HERE AND NOW ( or contact Mr. Vinodkanna Jothimani, CIO of HERE AND NOW, through his mobile number +91 98410 520 70 or email
  1. Express your interest in pursuing a Information Technology and Applied Systems degree.
  1. Fill out the application form and attach all required documents, including a copy of your academic transcripts, resume, and personal statement.
  1. Submit your application and wait for a response from the admissions team at Vancouver island university.
  1. If your application is successful, you will be invited to an interview.
  1. Attend the interview and complete any additional requirements.
  1. Receive your acceptance letter and enroll in the program.

Contact Details:

If you have any questions or concerns about programs at VIU, you can contact Vinodkanna Jothimani, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at HERE AND NOW, a partner organization of VIU. Vinodkanna Jothimani can be reached via email at or by mobile number +91 98410 520 70.

Alternatively, you can visit VIU’s website at The website provides detailed information about the various Information Technology and Applied Systems programs offered by the university. You can also find contact information for VIU’s IT department on the website if you need further assistance.