HERE AND NOW – The French Institute focuses primarily on Education along with Language, Technology, Research, Training, Counselling, Interpretation and Translation services.

Team: Our team comprises of a group of Francophones who understand the demands of the language in the society and is determined to supply the best.

Teaching: The teaching methodology includes Neuro-Scientific methods which is also associated with the current trends to provide a complete learning experience. Learning at HERE AND NOW is a unique experience because the journey through the different levels that we offer helps you transcend to great heights in life.

When you learn French our way, you don’t just learn the language but you become a part of everything related to the language. Anything and everything in French or related to French is a simple yet valuable policy that we follow. It is mandatory that we speak only in French inside the premises allowing the learning to happen naturally. Hence your growth towards French is guaranteed.

Teachers: The Teachers play an inspirational role in bringing out the best from each and every student. The level of dedication that the Teachers show makes you thrive for more knowledge. They are sure to inculcate the passion for the language in all of our hearts.

A here and now experience is a guaranteed advantage in every possible way as it transforms your perspectives for a positive and valuable future.

Student & Intern