Essca École de Management

ESSCA École de Management is a prestigious French business school that has been providing high-quality management education.

About ESSCA École de Management:

ESSCA École de Management is a prestigious French business school that has been providing high-quality management education since its establishment in 1909. With campuses in Angers, Paris, Budapest, Shanghai, and Dakar, the school offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various fields such as international business, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. ESSCA holds accreditations from reputable organizations like AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, which attest to its commitment to academic excellence. ESSCA is known for its innovative pedagogical approach that emphasizes practical learning, global exposure, and digital skills development, and its faculty comprises experts with extensive experience in their respective fields.

HERE AND NOW and ESSCA École de Management:

HERE AND NOW – The Language Institute and ESSCA École de Management have teamed up to provide students with a comprehensive education package that covers language learning, interview training, and scholarship assistance. The partnership aims to help students gain admission to ESSCA by providing them with the necessary tools and support to succeed in the application process. HERE AND NOW offers French language classes and scholarship opportunities, while ESSCA provides world-class management education. By combining forces, the two institutions create a seamless pathway for students to pursue their academic and career goals.

Courses offered by ESSCA École de Management:

Here is a list of all the courses offered by Essca École de Management:

  1. Bachelor in Management
  2. Master in Management (Grande École Program)
  3. Master in International and European Business
  4. Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  5. Master in Digital Marketing and Sales
  6. Master in Financial Engineering
  7. Master in Corporate Finance and Management Control
  8. Master in Supply Chain Management
  9. Master in Luxury and Fashion Management
  10. Master in International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  11. MBA in International Management
  12. Executive MBA
  13. Doctorate in Management
  14. Master of Science in Big Data and Business Analytics
  15. Master of Science in Marketing and Communication
  16. Master of Science in Global Public Policy and Management

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and some programs may be subject to change over time. For the most up-to-date information, you can visit Essca École de Management’s official website.

Benefits of Applying through HERE AND NOW:

Applying to ESSCA École de Management through HERE AND NOW – The Language Institute comes with several benefits that can help students streamline the application process and increase their chances of success. These benefits include:

Benefit Nº1: Smooth Application HERE AND NOW provides students with personalized guidance and support throughout the application process, from selecting the right program to submitting the application.

Benefit Nº2: Free SOP Writing HERE AND NOW offers free Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing assistance to students, helping them craft compelling essays that showcase their skills and experiences.

Benefit Nº3: Free Interview Training HERE AND NOW provides students with free interview training to help them prepare for the admissions interview, an essential part of the application process.

Benefit Nº4: Scholarship for Learning French at HERE AND NOW HERE AND NOW offers a scholarship for students who want to learn French, which can help them improve their language skills and increase their chances of being admitted to ESSCA.

Benefit Nº5: Free Scholarship Assistance from HERE AND NOW HERE AND NOW provides free scholarship assistance to students who want to apply for financial aid to help fund their studies.

Benefit Nº6: Free Birth Certificate Translation HERE AND NOW offers free birth certificate translation services for international students who need to provide this document as part of their application.