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HERE AND NOW is the Best Foreign Language Institute offering the best French classes in Chennai along with German, Spanish & English classes online & direct with a 100% job placement in MNCs

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HERE AND NOW is the Best Foreign Language Institute that offers French Language Courses in Chennai along with German, Spanish & English

IMMERSION PROGRAM in Business French is The Best Linguistic Skill Acquisition Program. It is the fastest and the most effective scientific program in acquiring a language in the world. IMMERSION PROGRAM at HERE AND NOW is a 1000 hour – a 108 day regime which comes with an International Certification. This program is a result of 10 years of keen Psychological Research. IMMERSION PROGRAM by HERE AND NOW is now available French 🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪, Spanish 🇪🇸 & English 🇬🇧. You can now Master the popular European languages in just 108 days and the great news, is that, we assure 100% Job in MNCs upon successful completion of the Program.



HERE AND NOW provides you the best language learning experience involving students discussing their wishes, likes experiences & knowledge, then, through teacher-led discussion, learning vocabulary and phrases to assist them in a both spoken and writing activity.



The education system built by HERE AND NOW is by nature student friendly where we have simplified extremely complex grammar. The curriculums are multifaceted, and entailed in reforming and improving the learners knowledge.



There are various certifications for various European languages. Each one is certified by the authorised body from the respective country. To name a few, DELF/ DALF, DFP, TEF, TCF for French.
DELE for Spanish
IELTS, CELPIP for English

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The Best French classes in Chennai

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IMMERSION PROGRAM is now available in German, Spanish & English

#1. The World’s Fastest Program (French, German, Spanish & English Classes)

HERE AND NOW offers best French classes in Chennai through IMMERSION PROGRAM which is now available in French, German, Spanish and even in English where you will be able to master them in just 108 days and secure your Dream Job in a Multi-national Company like Amazon, Maersk, Société Générale, Renault-Nissan etc.

#2. Interactive Classroom Activities

At HERE AND NOW, the classroom activities are interactive that forgo one-way communication, or individual learning in favour of getting students involved and engaged with the lessons. The activities include speaking exercises, role-playing, language games, grammar games, tests & reviews, interactive language books.

#3. 100% Job Placement with our Partnering MNCs

If you are looking for 100% job oriented programs in a short span of time, then, you should consider pursing HERE AND NOW’s IMMERSION PROGRAM. HERE AND NOW has placed 100% of the candidates in the last 11 years. Founded in 2011, We have been delivering quality language training courses using latest learning methodologies and technologies.

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I started to learn French language in Pondicherry in 2019. But I cannot speak French. After that, my friend referred me to ‘the French institute here and now and then I joined there. The course duration is only 6 months, I can’t believe how I learned French in 6 months. Now I am proud to say that I can speak French well, thanks to the immersion program and thank you very much to sir and ladies😊😊

Revathy Ray

I started to learn French in March 2021 and I was a beginner. I didn’t know anything, even the alphabets. But after these six months, I speak French well. Thanks to the immersion program. It is a short but effective program. In class, everyone must speak only French during these 108 days. The teaching methodology is unique and the teachers are very nice, approachable, kind and we had a great time in class.
Thank you to my teachers M Ruthran, Mrs Deepti, Mrs Shruti, Mrs Myriam and Miss Iman for your knowledge and for making these days useful and memorable 😊

Maya Rajalingam

I love the way the Here and Now institute teaches French, especially Monsieur Ruthran and Madame Deepthi, their immersion program methodology is very unique and useful for people who want to learn French earlier and with the best quality. Personally, I will recommend this place to everyone because before joining this class, I don’t even know the alphabets in French but now I am proud to say that I have finished level B2 in French thanks to Mr Ruthran and Mrs Deepthi .

Sugi Rajendran

I’m a daffini from the immersion team 7. it’s a great place to learn french from scratch. Everyone at this institute was very friendly and helpful. I first thought how come it is possible to learn a new language and achieve b2 but later I realized that it could be possible in this course and that is an unforgettable experience.

Daffini Ruby