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TEF Canada French for Canadian Immigration

The Only French Program You’d ever need to crack The TEF CANADA Exam for Canadian Immigration.

TEF COMPASS Program is a live and interactive online program. We have designed it specifically for cracking the TEF Canada examination which is necessary for Canadian Immigration Aspirants. Through TEF COMPASS you can Learn French from Scratch (A1) till the Proficiency level (C1) in a span of 9 months to secure a score of CLB 7.

The Only Program You’d ever need to crack The TEF CANADA Exam

TEF COMPASS Program is an online program through which one can learn French from the scratch (A1) till mastery (C1) in a span of 9 months to crack the TEF Canada Exam with a CLB 7. If you would like to know about the 12 steps for Canadian Immigration.

Uniqueness of the TEF COMPASS Program

  •   Only program you would ever need to crack the TEF Canada Exam.
  •   The fastest online program to complete A1-C1 at a stretch.
  •   Live and interactive online sessions.
  •   Every session is recorded for the student’s future reference.
  •   Unlimited access to other parallel classes.

Prepare for the TEF Canada Exam with Confidence.


The Best Way to Prepare for the TEF Canada Exam.

World-class Instructors

Classes Taught By Real Creators

Levels Days Months Hours Schedule
Level A1 30 days 1 month 144 hours Mon-Sun
Level A2 30 days 1 month 144 hours Mon-Sun
Level B1 60 days 2 months 180 hours Mon-Sun
Level B2 60 days 2 months 180 hours Mon-Sun
Level C1 90 days 3 months 216 hours Mon-Sun
A1 to C1 270 days 9 months 864 hours Mon-Sun


Monday to Friday = 6 AM – 9 AM

Saturday & Sunday = 8 AM – 1 PM

Description Fee (INR) USD
Tuition Fee (A1 to C1) ₹ 1,66,300 $ 2,175
HN Exam Fee (A1 to C1) ₹ 6,500 $85
Total Fee ₹172 800 $2 254


Subject 1 – Core 1 Listening
Subject 2 – Core 2 Reading
Subject 3 – Core 3 Writing
Subject 4 – Core 4 Speaking
Subject 5 – Allied 5 Grammar

Fee Structure:

Description Fee (INR) USD
Tuition Fee (A1 to C1) ₹ 1,66,300 $ 2,175
HN Exam Fee (A1 to C1) ₹ 6,500 $85
Total Fee ₹ 1,72,800 $ 2,254

Seats allotment:

We accept only 10 students per batch for the TEF COMPASS Program. The seatrs are limited since this is a very intensive and rewarding program. The number of students of the batch have been limited so that there will be better interaction between the students and the professors.

Faculties members in TEF Compass Program:

Our faculty members are Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCI), Paris, Ile-de-France certified teachers. They demonstrate a passion towards teaching and learning the language.

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Physical Study Materials

Online Study Materials:

HERE AND NOW being the official partner of PrepMyFuture in India, the TEF modules comes with no extra cost for those who register for the TEF COMPASS Program. However, if you would like to buy the PrepMyFuture TEF modules at 30% discounted price.Read More


What they saying?


I started to learn French in March 2021 and I was a beginner. I didn’t know anything, even the alphabets. But after these six months, I speak French well. Thanks to the immersion program. It is a short but effective program. In class, everyone must speak only French during these 108 days. The teaching methodology is unique and the teachers are very nice, approachable, kind and we had a great time in class. Thank you to my teachers M Ruthran, Mrs Deepti, Mrs Shruti, Mrs Myriam and Miss Iman for your knowledge and for making these days useful and memorable 😊

Maya Rajalingam

I started to learn French language in Pondicherry in 2019. But I cannot speak French. After that, my friend referred me to ‘the French institute here and now and then I joined there. The course duration is only 6 months, I can’t believe how I learned French in 6 months. Now I am proud to say that I can speak French well, thanks to the immersion program and thank you very much to sir and ladies😊😊

Revathy Ray

I’m daffini from the immersion team 7. it’s a great place to learn french from scratch. Everyone at this institute was very friendly and helpful. I first thought how come it is possible to learn a new language and achieve b2 but later I realized that it could be possible in this course and that is an unforgettable experience.

Daffini Ruby

I love the way the Here and Now institute teaches French, especially Monsieur Ruthran and Madame Deepthi, their immersion program methodology is very unique and useful for people who want to learn French earlier and with the best quality. Personally, I will recommend this place to everyone because before joining this class, I don’t even know the alphabets in French but now I am proud to say that I have finished level B2 in French thanks to Mr Ruthran and Mrs Deepthi.

Sugi Rajendran

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