A Belle Experiment: PARKOUR



A very uniquely designed sport that warrants high level flexibility and remarkable athletic spirit originated in early nineties in France by Monsieur Raymond Belle and then the baton was transferred to his son Monsieur David Belle – Parkour


Designed in such a manner that will keep the audience truly on the edge, the philosophy of this sport was based on the reclamation of life – living life with all the natural processes which has helped in the formation of human body.


A Swiss architect developed a “parcours du combattant” – a military obstacle course which led to the development of civilian fitness trails and confidence courses that glorified exemplary characteristics like courage, calmness and confidence.



A study by Neuropsychiatrie de l’Enfance et de l’Adolescence (Neuropsychiatry of Childhood and Adolescence) in France found that tracers or people who perform this sport seek more excitement and leadership positions than gymnasts do.


A combination of climbing, skating, quadrupling, jumping and other flexible stunts completely stuns everyone when this sport is performed. It was a méthode naturelle that slowly evolved into a great fascinating art of strict and rigid discipline.


Several films have used this mechanism for beautiful and amazing stunt scenes which demonstrates amazing agility and flexibility in coming up with a very captivating show of clashes, smashes and dashes. Some names include Casino Royale, Dhoom 3 , Live Free or Die Twice , Prince of Persia and Taxi 2 .


Great amount of danger and life threatening risks are associated with this manly sport that just keeps flowing like a charged up electron moving at a rapid pace in order to spark up an electrifying experience.  May be this personification may sound comparatively weaker than the real sport, I guess.



It was highly inspired and experimented during Second World War though this sport gained global acclaim only in the last few decades.


Many people in the great military force get equipped with this rare tactics of military combatting.



L’art du déplacement”  (French for “the art of movement”) as this movement slowly was termed had beautiful dimensions of expertise through a creative entourage of various tricks and stunts which gave us huge benefits of sheer thrill .


On the contrary, it started raising questions on several aspects of safety, trespassing and increase of theft or crime with the spread of this great art.


Along with rigorous training and continuous practice, you slowly evolve as an expert in Parkour which is a rare decoration that is accorded to a qualified tracer. A tracer is a person who performs Parkour.


Jumping across barriers, climbing walls, jumping risky boundary walls etc all have philosophical interpretation as a fighter against all odds or as a person who overcomes all the challenges etc.

Watch the below link for the exciting chase




A person named Zahid Shah in Jammu and Kashmir had opened an academy in order to manifest all his people’s positive energy in this sport instead of using their energies in violent means.


With very minimalistic or no any equipment in general, this sport is really a very thrilling affair with jaw dropping sequences of dangerous stunts.


PARKOUR ………… an awesome movement …………………. a great celebration of the human body’s amazing energy and potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just Jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!