Corporate French

Corporate French

Corporate French Training Courses

  • Are you a working professional?
  • Do you have the urgency to learn French in a month or two?
  • Are you traveling to France or to a French-speaking country sometime?
  • Is your company sponsoring you to learn French?
  • Or are you the HR of an organization and you are looking for French classes in-house for your employees?

Then you are at the right place at the right time.

We at, HERE AND NOW, are bringing you the best French Training Courses to your place. You don’t need to move an inch from your workplace because the team HERE AND NOW would be ready to serve you at your doorstep through its newly updated Corporate French Programs.


What is Corporate French?

There are many working professionals who want or need to learn French and it is definitely not easy to balance work and learning a new language! HERE AND NOW is coming up with customized corporate courses that factor in your objectives and your time constraints at your office.

HERE AND NOW offers French Courses in two broad categories.

  1. General French (For school & college curriculum, learning for pleasure, travel purpose)
  2. Business French2 sub-categories (Business purposes, for working directly with French people etc.)
  • Business French is available at our premises as IMMERSION PROGRAM or Diploma in Business French
  • We have designed Corporate French to serve corporate employees like you at your premises. Corporate French is both pre-designed & as well as 100% customizable program for corporate employees.

For more details on IMMERSION PROGRAM & Diploma in Business French, please click the following links:

  1. IMMERSION PROGRAM (A1 to B2 in Just 6 Months)
  2. Diploma in Business French (A1 to B2 in a Single Course – A Weekend Program)

Now, let’s get back to Corporate French. As we have already mentioned above, Corporate French is both pre-designed and as well as tailor-made. You can choose from given modules or you could design your desired course. The training programs in French are available in 9 different modules. Our modules have measurable, precise and realistic objectives. You will find the modules below in tables.

You can choose as many modules as you wish depending on your needs. Minimum of 1 module should be chosen for beginning the training program.


Modules for Level A1:

Module No. of units Duration (in hours) Level achieved Stage Certification
I 5 60 hours A1.1 Novice Internal Certification A1.1


Modules for A2:

Module No. of units Duration (in hours) Level achieved Stage Certification
III 5 60 hours A2.1 Intermediate Internal Certification A2.1
IV 5 60 hours A2.2 Competent DFP (Affaires) A2


Modules for B1:

Module No. of units Duration (in hours) Level achieved Stage Certification
V 6 75 hours B1.1 Proficient Internal Certification B1.1
VI 6 75 hours B1.2 Proficient



DFP (Affaires) B1


Modules for B2:

Module No. of units Duration (in hours) Level achieved Stage Certification
VII 6 75 hours B2.1 Specialist Internal Certification B2.1
VIII 6 75 hours B2.2 The Expert DFP (Affaires) B2


Modules for C1:

Module No. of units Duration (in hours) Level achieved Stage Certification
IX 12 200 hours C1 Enlightened DFP (Affaires) C1

For more information on timings & costs, please write an email to Ms Deepti B, Director,



Corporate French Courses are certified by two bodies.

  1. HERE AND NOW – The French Institute, Chennai, India
  2. Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Paris, Île-de-France


How it works:

  1. An analysis of your need is carried out to understand the requirements & objectives
  2. HR of the company & HERE AND NOW’s Representative will work together on the calculation of the time-frame and the availability of the participants.
  3. HR chooses the modules needed or customizes the program based on the need.


Why HERE AND NOW’s Corporate French?

  1. Our teaching methodologies are interactive & advanced which focus on spoken French & as well as written French (based on the requirement).
  2. Our Professors & Trainers are highly experienced.
  3. We provide your employees with unlimited access to General French classes at HERE AND NOW – The French Institute.
  4. Preparation for internationally recognized certification such as DFP, TEF Canada etc.


Note: If you are an individual, you are requested to consult courses at HERE AND NOW – The French Institute. For more details, please click hereCorporate French Training Courses in Chennai

Speaking the same language as your foreign business partner is already an awesome thing. For adding more value to your success, we also give cross-cultural training that provides the key insights that help you understand the perspective, mindset, and worldview of your foreign partners especially the French, so that you and your company can adopt strategies that are suitable according to their culture.