Examinations And Certifications

Get certified in French proficiency with examinations and certifications at HERE AND NOW - The French Institute. Apply for French Exam today.

Examinations And Certifications

Do you already know French? Would like to be tested and certified for your level? You could now take HERE AND NOW’s French examination for the respective level and get certified. From level A1 to level C2.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) classifies language proficiency in six levels, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2, which can be regrouped into three broad categories:

Basic User (Category A)Independent User (Category B)Proficient User (Category C)
Level A1 & Level A2Level B1 & Level B2Level C1 & Level C2

To know more information on what you will be learning at every level, please click here.

Upcoming Exams:
October 2022

LevelDatesLast Date For RegistrationExam Fee
A124 Oct 202215 Oct 2022890
A225 Oct 202215 Oct 2022990
B126 Oct 202215 Oct 20221490
B227 Oct 202215 Oct 20221590
C128 Oct 202215 Oct 20221890
C229 Oct 202215 Oct 20221990
TEF Canada (Mock Exam)31 Oct 202215 Oct 20221990

November 2022

A121 Nov 202231 Oct 2022890
A222 Nov 202231 Oct 2022990
B123 Nov 202231 Oct 20221490
B224 Nov 202231 Oct 20221590
C125 Nov 202231 Oct 20221890
C226 Nov 202231 Oct 20221990
TEF Canada (Mock Exam)28 Nov 202231 Oct 20221990

December 2022

A118 Dec 202218 Nov 2022890
A219 Dec 202218 Nov 2022990
B120 Dec 202218 Nov 20221490
B221 Dec 202218 Nov 20221590
C122 Dec 202218 Nov 20221890
C223 Dec 202218 Nov 20221990
TEF Canada (Mock Exam)26 Dec 202218 Nov 20221990