Lowest Course Fee in India

 Lowest Course Fee in India for learning French, German, Spanish & English

Lowest Course Fee in India

Do you know that HERE ANDNOW’s Coures Fee is the Lowest Course Fee in India. HERE AND NOW charges only Rs.87 per hour for French, German, Spanish or English language learning program which is by far the best and affordable course fee in the entire nation.

For those who are considering to learn a foreign language for either an MNC Job in India or study abroad in European countries, the first major concern is the cost of tuition fee. It is well known that foreign language programs are among the most expensive courses. That is just partly true. The reason why learning French, German, Spanish or even English seems so expensive is not just because of the tuition fee, but the also time it takes for the learner master a language where . Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore are the most expensive student city in the India. In this page we inform you about the low-cost programs that are available with HERE AND NOW.

HERE AND NOW’s tuition fee is the least expensive in India compared to any other places in Chennai or pan India. Even for the international students the fees is the lowest compared to programs that are offered in their country. We have more affordable programs like General French, General German, German Spanish & German English. Also, one thing to remember is that just because the tuition fee is the lowest, it doesn’t mean they are any less competitive or low in quality. The programs below have the lowest tuition fee and are very popular as well. You can have a look at the cheap and affordable fees in India.



Job Oriented Program

1 29 925 INR

  • Mastery ( A1 to B2 ) in 108 days
  • 1000+ Active Sessions
  • Unlilmited Passive Sessions
  • Direct Classes
  • 100% Job Placements
  • Funfilled & Interactive
  • Business Language
  • Internationally recognised certification

French for Canadian Immigration

1 72 800 INR

  • Mastery ( A1 to C1 ) in 9 months
  • Live & Interactive sessions
  • Intensive ( 7 days / week)
  • TEF Canada Preparation
  • General French
  • 864 hr Active Sessions
  • Unlimited passive access to parallel batches
  • Guidance until CLB 7

Job Oriented (Week-end)

1 29 925 INR

  • Mastery in 6 months
  • Weekends
  • Direct classes
  • Business language
  • 100% Job Placements
  • Funfilled & Interactive
  • For working professionals
  • Internationally recognised certification

Kids Programs

Level A1.1
7700 INR

60 hours

Level A1.2
6600 INR

60 hours

Level A2.1
7700 INR

60 hours

Level A2.2
6600 INR

60 hours

Have Any Questions?


Would you like to know how HERE AND NOW’s course fee has always been, is and will forever be the lowest in the country

Why do you say a 1 lakh course fee as the lowest ?

IMMERSION PROGRAM is a 1000+ hour program. If you do the math, you will know that you will end-up paying just Rs.87 per hour whereas even a school accounting classes or math classes would cost triple, sometimes quadruple.

Do I have any class for a lesser price ?

Yes. You could choose a level 1.1 (A1.1) which is of 75 hours and it would cost you only Rs.7500.

Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?

Not really. However, prior knowledge will boost your language acquisition pace.

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