HERE AND NOW – The French Institute offers French language classes in Chennai and is an initiative to bring back The Joy of Learning to our education. We primarily aim at bringing the flavor of French to your neighborhood, making lives happier and joyful through our various tailor made services.
Why French
French, one of the world’s most influential languages spoken at the UNO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and other 29 countries.
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What and Why HN’s Diploma in Business French?

What is Business French?

Diploma in Business French is a comprehensive course for 22 months during weekends (Sat & Sun) and 15 months during weekdays (Mon – Fri) covering 3 hours per day. The course will be taught by Indian French Professors and native French speakers. Once you have completed this course you will have acquired the proficiency to enter any big corporate at ease. Along with this you will learn about International Exchanges, Recruitment, Human Resource, Finance, Production, Marketing, Sales, Transport and Insurance, Telecommunication, etc. It is like a management course with French as its medium.

Why Business French ?

French is the world’s 2nd Business Language .There is always a constant demand for people who have proficiency in French which has witnessed a sharp rise as French companies have opened their floodgates to outsourcing and pinned their hopes on India.

To capitalize the situation and to cater to the continuous demand for qualified manpower from corporates and institutions, HERE AND NOW has come forward with a Diploma in Business French.

Intensive French Courses

Job Opportunities:

Diplôme de Français Professionnel (Affaires) enables students to choose their desired careers in various domains such as Teaching, Administration (Associates), Translation, Interpretations, Freelancing Services, etc.HERE AND NOW provides 100% Job Assurance with our partnering Multi-National Companies.
1. Open to all (Beginners can apply)
2. Educational Qualifications (+2 and above or any equivalent level)