HERE AND NOW – The French Institute offers French language classes in Chennai and is an initiative to bring back The Joy of Learning to our education. We primarily aim at bringing the flavor of French to your neighborhood, making lives happier and joyful through our various tailor made services.
Why French
French, one of the world’s most influential languages spoken at the UNO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and other 29 countries.
Working Hours
Monday - Friday 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Saturday - Sunday closed


Funnify Frenchify

The experience of learning French is really an experience that must be felt and surely cannot be described merely in words. As a student doing Diploma in Business French , I really felt being exposed to a highly interesting atmosphere bombarded with all the blessings of digital tools and the 21st century smart learning concepts. Be it the fun learning methodologies through YouTube videos or Pinterests or through songs or movies etc, we all are so actively engrossed in playing new games in our apps, interacting with the French people whenever the situation arises etc all well planned by our dynamic prof Rockstar Monsieur Ruthran Raghavan . I wish and hope that as a learner, one needs to invest a lot of time and love for this great language of love and romance which will definitely lead us to supreme heights of satisfaction a la the Eiffel Tower if we regularly practice and work on improvising our French language abilities . Interesting aspect of this course is that it will definitely give us the edge and advantage of working in a French industry or a French company along with understanding the basic dynamics of the working environment . People who join here become an active family member of this Frenchified   Chennai Kudumbam !!!! Bon chance for all the future fun loving learners !!!!!!!!!!   S,Siddharth Samson