HERE AND NOW – The French Institute offers French language classes in Chennai and is an initiative to bring back The Joy of Learning to our education. We primarily aim at bringing the flavor of French to your neighborhood, making lives happier and joyful through our various tailor made services.
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French, one of the world’s most influential languages spoken at the UNO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and other 29 countries.
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25 Nov

A Belle Experiment: PARKOUR

DO YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST CHASE SCENE IN CASINO ROYALE???????   A very uniquely designed sport that warrants high level flexibility and remarkable athletic spirit originated in early nineties in France by Monsieur Raymond Belle and then the baton was transferred to his son Monsieur David Belle...

21 Sep

La ville de l’aube

Auroville(la ville de l'aube) est une ville universelle qui se trouve à 7 kilomètres de Pondichéry (une ancienne colonie de la France en Inde).    Dans cette ville se trouve une société unique dans le monde entier. Auroville tient compte d'une population d'environ 50,000 personnes de plusieurs...

21 Sep

Relish This International Feel !

When someone starts talking about FRENCH, the first thing that we think about is the beautiful city of Paris or the magnificent iconic world wonder, the Eiffel tower or “La Tour Eiffel” as the French call it !  To the world, French is a language...

16 Sep

Monsieur, where is my Travail (Job) ??

The situation presently in France after the terrorist attack seems to be highly cautious and proactive in terms of defence and security measures. Now France being a major global leader in peacekeeping operations seems to sadly have been on the wrong side of revenge based...

16 Sep

Le Sirop D’érable : A product of Quebec

Maple which is a very famous shrub and a tree with its beautiful creation called sap is commonly found in the Canadian region of Quebec . In the cold winter seasons in Canada amidst the sky with its Alaskan wilderness, the sap is generally collected from...

29 Jul

Impression de France en Inde

La terre de Napoléon a commencé d’envahir notre pays culturellement et économiquement. Par ailleurs, les familles françaises en Inde augmentent à un bon taux. Il y a environ 6500 françaises en sud de l’Inde (5500 à Chennai et Pondichéry). Grâce aux entreprises françaises comme St....

22 Jul

The Professional Bonjour

European languages like French, German, Italian and Spanish are picking up steam in terms of professional usage among Asians and Americans apart from people in other continents. The European business environment and the market recruitment strategies give more emphasis on qualifications as well as professional...

22 Jul

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – Serving the Globe

MSF or Doctors without borders are truly a great and unimaginable inspiration for all across the world as their humanitarian efforts and effective global philanthropic has become a great movement of helping those who are in dire need of great help.   With more than 70 countries...

21 Jul

Les Choristes

Les choristes est un beau film, réalisé par Jean Dreville. Gérard Jugnot, François Berlcaud et Kad Merad sont les acteurs principaux du film. Le genre est Drame et c'est du travail à former un chœur. Il raconte l'histoire d'un nouveau surveillant, Clément Mathieu, qui essaye de...

19 Jul

Le Système Éducatif en France et en Inde

Le système éducatif en France est différent du système éducatif en Inde. En France, l’école primaire est le premier degré de l’enseignement. Ce degré est divisé en deux parties : Ce sont l’école maternelle et l’école élémentaire. L’école maternelle accueille les élèves de 3 ans à 6...