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Are you interested in Learning French faster than ever?
Do you want to experience it through the most powerful learning system in the world?
Do you have an obligation to learn French in a month’s time?
Are you planning for a Canadian Immigration or to give the TEF Canada Exam?
Are you travelling to France or a French speaking nation for your higher education?
Are you looking for a linguistic career or French Language Specialist Job?
Do you want to become a French teacher in just 48 days?
Are you aspiring to become a French translator?

If you have answered “YES” for any of the above questions, then you are at the right page at the right time!

We have the solutions for your problems, Right HERE Right NOW & it is called the IMMERSION PROGRAM

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IMMERSION PROGRAM is the only French learning course in the world which provides the opportunity to the learners for Mastering French completely: From A1 to C2.

To know more about Different levels in the journey of learning French, please click here.

Introduction to IMMERSION PROGRAM:

IMMERSION PROGRAM (intially it was from A1 to B2 in 6 Months) was introduced in the year 2017 by HERE AND NOW – The French Institute. The program received critics in the beginning as expected by us. It is normal, when a new idea is presented to the world, people would be skeptical. But to our amazement, IMMERSION PROGRAM received a lot more appreciations and a great deal of welcome, than expected. It radically changed the way of learning a language. IMMERSION PROGRAM created a wave and this wave made 3 full batches in just a year’s time. However, not everyone was able to do the IMMERSION PROGRAM, since it was designed for people with higher level of linguistic skills and commitment. The IMMERSION PROGRAM was reserved only for a privileged group till 2018.

Eventhough The IMMERSION PROGRAM shaped itself for the in-born language lovers, it was never the primary moto of HERE AND NOW. We always wanted education to be provided equally to all. We feel that everyone is a custodian of learning and it is our responsibility to pass the torch of knowledge to the next generation. This is possible only through continuous evolution. Hence we have now come up with a new solution, IMMERSION PROGRAM to all.

  • You don’t have to worry any more that you lack linguitic skills.
  • You don’t have to worry that you may not like learning anything new.
  • No worries even if you fear language learning.
  • You don’t have to worry anymore that you have to wait years for an international recognition through certification.

How are we going to help you achieve strong linguistic skills?

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IMMERSION PROGRAM is divided into two stages. Viz:

Stage 1. IMMERSION PROGRAM Pro (A1 to B2 in 108 days)

Stage 2. IMMERSION PROGRAM Core (C1 & C2 in France)

Let’s see them one by one in detail.

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Another Milestone in The Path of Language Learning

Master French in just 108 days | Designed by HERE AND NOW | Certified by CIEP, Paris, Île-de-France |

This 108 Day Regime into The World of French Speaking helps learners to lay the strong and the right foundation in both conversational & written French. IMMERSION PROGRAM Pro (108 Days). It comprises of 4 levels which are A1, A2, B1 & B2.

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IMMERSION Pro gives you the power to show your linguistic dominance in the ever changing corporate world. HERE AND NOW has designed a Regime of 108 days having the real life and corporate challenges in mind.

IMMERSION PROGRAM is  a complete dive into the French speaking world. Here, we give you only one option. Either you master French or you master French. Yeah, you’ve read it right. It is not written by mistake. The only way to get-out of HERE AND NOW is by mastering the language. Candidates who have followed the IMMERSION Regime strickly and demonstrated discipline have succeeded with flying colors.

straight line pngStage 2 – IMMERSION PROGRAM Core | I am French

French Flavor Forever-Everywhere | The God of French
Designed & Certified by HERE AND NOW

HERE AND NOW finished designing the IMMERSION Core by the end of 2017. It is been put to test, a very serious test. We are launching the IMMERSION Core (C1 & C2 in French) in 2020. Learners have the opportunity to pursue the program either in France or in India.